From the Heart of Northern New Mexico


Tsimayó hot sauces evoke the spirit and passion of northern New Mexico. The classic Tsimayó Original hot sauce features habañero and tabasco peppers. For the limited-edition Milagro Blend, the habañero and tabasco peppers are enhanced by the rare Chimayó red chile grown only in the New Mexico town of Chimayó by certified Chimayó chile farmers and at the Tsimayó Farm, located 1 mile downstream of the Santuario de Chimayó.


“Tsimayó complements the flavor of whatever you’re saucing but does not dominate it. Its heat level is medium-hot, so it does not overwhelm whatever you put it on. The squeeze bottle allows you to better measure the amount of sauce you’re applying, as in a one- or two-inch line of sauce. I like the fact that the sauce is neither too salty nor too vinegary and does not have any extraneous flavors like tomato, fruits, or spices.”

- D.G. Founder of Tsimayó